Why look away?

A story of missing words

de Ioana Zaharia

Why look away?, you think.
In thoughts and gin you sink,
Feeling that forceful beat
As if you’re just not over it.

Why look away?, he thinks.
A glass of wine he drinks,
While longing for her ghost
Because he swears she’s lost.

Why look away?, you shout.
I’m done with it, I’m out!
As if the look upon his face
Would surely make you lose your pace.

Why look away?, he screams
Out of that silent mouth of his.
As if it didn’t cross her mind
Her eyes are those I want to find!

Why look away?, you cry.
But you already know the lie.
It’s not that you no longer feel,
It’s just that you would like to heal.

To heal from words you never heard,
From thoughts he kept forever blurred,
From bitter tears you didn’t shed,
From love that he not once shared.

Why look away?, he then sighs.
But he already knows the lies.
She didn’t want him anyway,
But cared too much to simply say.

She’s surely well enough, he says.
To me, there’s little to no chance
She really turned away her face,
For reason I could steal her pace.

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