The mud and the tall grass

de Ioana Zaharia

Every once in a while, I take a moment to write down some small article or poem in English. I take a moment to enjoy it and then I take a moment to think about it.

That’s simply because I love seeing emotions, ideas, knowledge and thought spreading so fast, running so wild, passing by the cultural and linguistic barriers, melting boundaries and bringing nations together.

I love seeing people from all over the world getting along and debating, sharing joy and suffering, making common cause, building bridges to fill the emptiness, giving a hand, offering a shoulder to cry on.

I love sharing the history and the beauties of my country to others.

I love sharing traditions.

I love listening to people trying to speak my language.

I love when they stumble while talking or remember some random word they once heard.

I love telling strangers what we eat on a Sunday afternoon and how we celebrate Christmas.

And I love hearing back from them.

I love all of that.

There’s this beauty of getting to know strangers and there’s even a greater beauty of seeing strangers becoming acquaintances and then acquaintances becoming friends. Because in the end, this is what everything comes down to.


The sense of community.

Some may say there’s no way you can understand and be understood by a stranger as easily as you would understand and be understood by your own. That you could never feel at home next to an outsider.

To those people I dare say – peeps, let’s just agree to disagree.

If I shortly close my eyes, how come I see a world where people are good to each other? How come I see that our differences not only don’t hurt us or make us feel ashamed, but rather bond us even tighter? How come I see that everybody is treated fairly and equally? I don’t know. I can only assume that I was born too much of an optimistic.

Because if I shortly open my eyes, I can also see the hatred, the wars, the chains keeping us down, right where we were born, in the mud of selfishness and in the tall grass of ignorance where few…way too few get to grow feet long enough to stand and see from above a little more than just their small piece of world.


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Mihnea octombrie 7, 2022 - 8:32 pm

Great article! You should post more often.


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