I dreamt again of you last night

de Ioana Zaharia

I dreamt again of you last night.
Your face was tired, far from bright,
As if you knew the wrongs I felt,
And all the dreams with which I dealt.

Then morning came and here I lie.
My dream of you will slowly die,
And in my mind, I’ll only keep
The parts of it that cut in deep.

It seemed to me you were not sure:
Was I for real or just a lure?
Cuz’ every time I came around,
I was just trouble, nothing profound.

You tried to smile, but nonetheless,
Your heart still wanted to confess
How little love for me remained
Inside the heart that I betrayed.

‘No need to tell’, I rush to say.
Just keep your thoughts again today.
I’ll kiss your lips and hold you tight,
Promise I’ll do no wrong tonight.

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